Hi! I'm Heather Dolimont, and I am the incredibly proud owner and founder of Mums & Tums Canada! On top of running this amazing company, I have an incredible family of 3 kiddos and my hubby, who I am proud to be dedicated to as well. My journey to building this dream parenting community has not always come easily, but it has been an incredible one. My first two birth experiences were so amazing, positive and empowering, that I was left feeling shocked when I found out that I was in the vast minority of birthing parents who felt that way about their own birth experiences. The more I learned about all of it, the more deeply my passion and desire grew to want to help change that for the better! What started off as a volunteer initiative to simply educate the public about healthcare options during pregnancy and birth, grew very quickly into an undeniable calling to be a birth support worker, and provide a platform and a physical space where all parents could come to unwind, connect with their community, and receive loving, unbiased, evidence-based support and healthcare. Now, I not only run Mums & Tums Canada, but I also have the amazing privilege of currently sitting on the Board of Directors for the Association of Ontario Doulas, I homeschool my 3 children, and I am a CAPPA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula. I am deeply honoured to be supporting families in Toronto, across the GTA and across Canada!

We want to be your village, so we created it for you! Welcome home!