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Your Ultimate Guide to Early Pregnancy

So, you just peed on that infamous "stick" and you are expecting a baby!! YAY! what?? There are so many myriads of choices, things to do, places to go, people to tell. Where do you even begin? And it's early, so what if things go wrong? Or maybe you aren't expecting quite yet, but you are on your fertility journey and would like to know what to expect for your first trimester of pregnancy. This amazing preparation class focuses entirely on the first trimester of a pregnancy. Our childbirth educators will take this chance to lead you and your partner through the ups and downs of what early pregnancy may have in store for you. Everything from how to plan out the rest of your pregnancy with ease, to what actions need to be taken right away, versus others that can perhaps wait, and also including where and how to easily set yourself up with/access the right supports, should anything begin to go wrong.

They will also go through what types of physical symptoms are variations of normal, and what physical symptoms are considered to be abnormal, and how to achieve help and support for any uncomfortable or abnormal occurrences. This is a really fantastic new class we are offering, because so many families or individuals who find out that they are pregnant, suddenly feel invisible, as if no one really takes them seriously as being pregnant until that first trimester has passed. This is doing a huge disservice to pregnant folks! We want to help you feel seen, understood and fully supported, just like any other pregnant person, at any stage during their pregnancy.

$40 / per person

$75 / per couple

Birthing Without Fear Class

With 1 in 4 women in Ontario reporting that they experienced birth or pregnancy trauma, regardless of whether they experience a vaginal or a belly birth, it's no wonder that so many women today fear what lays ahead for them when they go into labour and deliver their sweet babes. But at Mums & Tums, we know that there is a way to be excited and confident about your upcoming arrival and all the events surrounding it! This class, loosely based on Dr. Grantly Dick-Read's principles found in his book "Childbirth Without Fear", will teach you and your partner all the ways you can correct or even completely avoid the fear that can surround childbirth. In turn, you can learn all the ways to greatly affect your experience overall in a much more positive and confident way than you ever thought possible!

This class is held over the course of two consecutive days, usually on a weekend, for three hours on each day. On the first day, we focus on learning about the physiology of pain during labour, the various stages of labour and delivery, and what contributes the most to experiencing pleasure instead of pain in the body during this process. We also go through what all is involved in a belly birth (better known as a cesarean birth), and what your options are for making that experience as stress free and empowering as possible. On the second day, we focus on physical techniques and tools that can be utilized by both the birthing individual, and their partner/support person, while in the most intense stages of labour, to further increase pleasure and decrease pain. Overall, we touch on other subjects like places of birth, birth team professionals, healthcare options and more.

$185 / per pair

Preparing For Childbirth - Official Childbirth Education Course

Our official, 4-week, intensive childbirth education course taught by certified doula and childbirth educator, Elaine Cavin May. This course will overview everything you need to know about birth and your options along the way. This course is recommended to be taken along with a partner or support person if possible. If you do not have a partner who can attend with you, but have hired a doula, having them accompany you in place of a partner is welcomed. 

Cost:  $200 / per person (each person is allowed to bring one partner or support person with them for free)

Postpartum Mental Health Awareness Workshop

The postpartum period is a big transition for parents.  A lot of emphasis is put on baby’s care and well being but sometimes we tend to forget that the first-year postpartum is a particularly vulnerable time for mental health for parents.  We now know that as many as 1 in 5 women experience some type of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and 10% of new dads experience paternal depression.  These mental illnesses are more common than we think and that’s why it is important that expecting parents and partners be well informed about this subject.

Are you familiar with all different postpartum mood and anxiety disorders? Do you know what are the risks and contributing factors? Would you be able to recognize the symptoms if it happens to you or your partner?  This workshop will cover these topics in details and help you recognize what’s normal to experience regarding mental health in the postpartum period and what requires professional support.  A variety of helpful resources will also be given away at the end of the workshop.

This class is intended for expecting parents and partners. Parents who just had a baby are also welcomed.

Topics covered:

  • Common postpartum experiences (baby blues and scary thoughts)

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (different types and description of symptoms)

  • Risks and contributing factors

  • Resources

Cost:   $60 / per person

           $100 / per pair

Your 4th Trimester & The Art of Self-Care

In the first few months after you have a baby, it's incredibly easy to feel lost in the hustle and bustle, the long sleepless nights, the sore nipples, sore body, sore...everything. It might feel like there isn't much point to even thinking about oneself during those crucial first few months, because our babies rely on us for life and death. But the truth of the matter is that you provide for your baby much more efficiently and effectively if you yourself are better rested, nurtured and taken care of as well during that adjustment period. But HOW exactly do we go about making sure that we plan for this? Or if we are currently in the midst of this very transition time, and we're feeling totally lost already, how do we find a way to come up with a solid plan of action to start really taking care of ourselves again?

This is where this 2-hour workshop comes in handy! Babies in arms are always welcome, so if you have just had your baby, bring them with you. If you are expecting a baby, this is the ideal time to take this workshop. One of our birth & postpartum doulas, teaches this crucial class for brand new parents and parents-to-be. This is definitely a class you're not going to want to miss out on. Book it now, or put it on your baby shower registry for your loved ones to donate money towards.

Cost:  $50/per person

          $90/per couple (a couple is defined as one expectant parent and another non-expectant

                  partner, not two expectant parents)

Prenatal & Postnatal Adult-Only Yoga

With the help of a seasoned doula who is also a certified Yoga instructor as well, use this weekly class to practice and help align your baby's position optimally within the pelvis, as well as address common pregnancy discomforts. Learn how to integrate these positions into your labour experience or birth plan as well. Hosted Saturday mornings from 9am-10am, beginning February 8, 2020.

This class also helps you strengthen important muscle groups to support your changing body, both prenatally and after baby has been born. Develop endurance and resiliency to cope with labour and birth. In the postpartum period, work toward restoring your pelvic floor as well.

Yoga mats will not be provided, please plan to bring your own with you.

Cost:  $25/per person, per class

Parent + Tot Yoga

With the help of a seasoned doula who is also a certified Yoga instructor as well, use this weekly class to practice and help align your body and pelvis after having children, as well as address common discomforts. Teach your little one how to practice mindfulness and simple yoga principles for help with their own self-regulation techniques! Learn how to facilitate this at home on a daily basis, for yourself and your child as well. Hosted Sunday mornings from 9am-10am, beginning February 9, 2020.


One child per adult is able to attend. Yoga mats will not be provided, please plan to bring your own with you.

Cost:  $22/per adult, per class

           $5/per child, per class

Positive Parenting

Ever wondered if there was a course you could take to make sure you're following the most evidence-based practices in parenting? Trying desperately to understand why your toddler, older child or teen is just hell bent on pushing your boundaries until you break? Feeling like you're more out of control than IN control of yourself and your household's goings on?

This is a workshop that you are definitely going to want to take, in that case! Taught by parenting coach, international board certified lactation consultant, and Attachment Parenting Canada professional, Ashley Pickett, this workshop will take you through all the most up to date research on parenting practices of the past. But most importantly, it will leave you with a solid plan of action on how to feel and act like the best possible parent you can be! Ashley's loving and knowledgeable support is what every parent needs in their lives. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the greats.

Cost:  $60 per person

Restorative Rest Sessions®

One-of-a-kind 1 hour sessions, where parents can come, have their babies and children handed off to an on-site caregiver who will lovingly keep them happy and safe. Then parents will head into our open room, pre-prepared with a sanitized, super comfortable cot bed, ready for you to slip underneath the fresh blanket also provided, and head into a restful sleep to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Our facilitator will lead everyone through a 10-minute guided meditation, at which point everyone will then be encouraged to use their complimentary fresh set of earplugs (that they then can either keep or discard at the end of the session), and drift into an anxiety free sleep for the remainder of the hour. When the session is over, you will be gently woken, and you will leave feeling like you have a brand new lease on your parenting life!

What are you waiting for? Limited time slots are available each day of the week, and while we do accept walk-ins on the dates available, pre-registration is encouraged, in order to secure your time slot and bed. Cost includes childcare. Children of any age are accepted.

Cost:  $30 per session for drop in rate

       or $120 for 5 sessions / $250 for 10 sessions on a re-loadable Sleep Card®

Preparing For Breastfeeding

One of our incredibly skilled IBCLC's (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants), will personally guide you through some common breastfeeding issues that may arise for you after baby has arrived, and show you the most evidence-based, effective techniques and tips on how to troubleshoot them! She'll also show you all the things you need to watch for that may indicate a problem that needs medical attention, and give you and your partner the confidence to support your breastfeeding journey for as long as possible. Don't miss your opportunity to learn from the best!

This is a prenatal class, and is for expectant parents only. If you have already had your baby and are interested in getting help with breastfeeding or guidance on an issue you are experiencing, Ashley or Taya are also available for private consultations, so please contact us right away and we can set you up with the help you need immediately.

$75 / per pair

Babywearing 101

Get full and personal access to almost every type of baby carrier available that is approved for safe use with your newborn and growing babe, in this amazing workshop! Avie Herman, is going to show you all the various ways to safely and effectively carry your babe to promote attachment, development and feeding of your little one. She'll also have a display of a large number of carriers with her so you can personally try a few out to see which one would work best for you before you head out and purchase your own. You can also bring your own carrier with you, if you've already purchased it, and Avie can show you various ways to make it work even better for you! Get all your babywearing questions answered here.

$50 / per person

Baby-Led Weaning

This is a comprehensive class, where we will discuss the ins and outs of guiding the transition to other foods, in a healthy, anxiety free way! 

We will discuss:
- how to discover if your child is ready (not an age, but a set of abilities to look for)
- what foods babies need other than your milk, or formula milk
- how to prepare foods that require preparation
- what to look for, to help understand if you're moving too fast or too slow
- the important of maintaining gut health and reducing inflation
- baby-led weaning
- the role of chewing food and why it's a key to great digestion
- how to protect milk supply and maintain nursing of that your goal
- how to make sure you are encouraging good eating habits, avoiding picky eaters, and making meal time an enjoyable social time

You will receive handouts, as well as access to my support via email as you journey through solids!

$60 / per person

$90 / per pair

Intimacy After Kids

Pleasure is important to our health and well-being. Having children, whether you're co-parenting with others or going solo, can have a huge impact on your sexual health and relationships. In this 4 week series, we will critically examine what influences our sexuality and relationships using Tynan Rhea's Holistic Sexual Self Model, challenge ideas and assumptions about parenthood and sexuality, test our knowledge of the physiological changes postpartum and how this can impact intimacy, and identify relationship priorities and how to meet our individual and relationship needs.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn strategies for harbouring intimacy and pleasure in relationships postpartum

- Connect with others who are going through a similar transition

- Apply a holistic understanding of sexuality and relationships to our personal lives

- Appreciate why/how people make decisions about their relationships and sexual health

$245 / per person (this can include one support person in this price as well)

$50/extra support person

Dancing For Birth ®

This amazing class will be an amazing, unique and effective 6-week prenatal series. It's been said that one can learn how to "dance their baby out" during labour, and this class will show you exactly what that's all about, and by the end of the series, our incredible instructors will have taught you all the skills and techniques to use dancing as a an awesome way to help shorten your labour, and making it much more relaxing, relieving of pain, and smooth!

Through different dancing moves birthing clients learn how to prepare for the birth of baby in an inspirational way.

$150.00 / per person

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free workshops

Want the chance to get to meet all of our doulas in person? Have a couple of our doulas in mind for your own birth, but want an easy, no-pressure way to meet them both to get a better idea of who would fit best within your birth plans? Don't know what a doula even is, but feel intrigued to talk to one to just find out more about them?

Monthly we host a "Meet & Mingle" evening, where all of our doulas (who aren't attending a birth) are there to say hi, talk to you about what they do, and get to know you better and what you envision for your own birth! It's like speed dating for doulas, but without that annoying buzzer and being forced to shuffle along to the next person if you're finding really good conversation with someone. Best part? IT'S FREE! Non-alcoholic refreshments will be served as well.

Date: March 22, 2019 @ 7:00P.M.

What are my options? How are each different from each other? Which one would be best for me and my pregnancy? Are they all considered safe?

These and many other questions are answered in this FREE information night dedicated solely to learning all about primary healthcare options that are available to you, and all that goes into each choice. Led by one of our Birth & Postpartum Doulas, you'll get a chance to ask all your in depth questions about this topic and how it relates and affects your personal birth experience. Whether you're planning a cesarean section, or are hopeful for an un-medicated home birth, this is definitely a workshop you're going to want to attend with us!

Date: February 19, 2019 @ 7:00 P.M.

Here in Ontario, we have access to some of the most cutting edge, and yet traditionally rooted prenatal healthcare in the world. The question remains, though, how much do we really know about home birth? And more importantly, do we know how safe it is compared to giving birth in a hospital or birthing center? Come to this FREE workshop to find out all about home birth. This special workshop is hosted by one of our amazing doulas, and one of our equally amazing community midwives together. Come out to learn if this option is something you can, or should, consider for your own birth regardless of if this is your first or tenth birth! And don't forget to bring your spouse/partner/support person as well.

Light snacks & drinks provided. Please click on this link to register. Limited Space Available.

Date: March 24, 2019 @ 7:00P.M.

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