Sun., May 12 | Location is TBD

Birth & Pregnancy Trauma Support Group

Ever get the feeling like birth ran you over like a speeding truck? Instead of feeling empowered, you feel almost violated. Have you found yourself a victim of a healthcare provider's need to supercede your right to informed consent? Then this is the group for you to begin your healing journey!
Registration is closed for this Birth & Pregnancy Trauma Support Group Session.
Birth & Pregnancy Trauma Support Group

Time & Location

May 12, 2019, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Location is TBD

About the event

Able to be attended by anyone who has purchased valid and current memberships. If you would like to drop-in, please note that you need to register yourself, as space is limited. Drop in fee is $5 per person. Children 0-2 years of age are free. **PLEASE NOTE THAT CHILDCARE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN OVER THE AGE OF 2, BUT THAT ATTENDANCE TO THIS SESSION IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN OVER THE AGE OF 2**

Let us start by saying, you are NOT alone. And if you have experienced anything less than an empowering and positive birth experience, it's also NOT okay!

1 in 4 Ontario birthing individuals report that they experience some form of pregnancy or birth trauma, even what is called birth rape. That is a HUGE number! The numbers aren't even available for how many of those people's partners also experience some form of emotional trauma themselves, and these are just the numbers that are being reported. It's estimated that up to 75% of those giving birth here in Canada and Ontario experience some form of abuse and manipulation at the hands of their care team and providers. This is a safe space to share your story, or just come to hear that you're not alone in your anxieties and experiences. This is the place for YOU. Come and join us once every month for an evening of sharing, validating and replenishing. Mediated by two of our knowledgeable and loving Doulas, one of which is a certified therapist who specializes in birth and pregnancy trauma, PPD, and more.

As with all of our groups, we do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior or remarks whatsoever against any person or group. Those who violate this safe space may be asked to stop attending the group in the future, if an appropriate resolution is not achieved. We encourage you to reach out for more in depth help and support for any specific issues you might be struggling with in regards to feeding, through either our staff or our group moderators, at any time!

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