Food has literally and figuratively shaped who Alex is up to this point, and will continue to play a huge role in the unfolding of her life, both personally and professionally.  Food for Alex is a source of pleasure, connection, and healing.

It was through food that Alex got healthy. In 2009, by changing what she was eating, she lost over 60 lbs, kicked her daily headaches to the curb, and just generally started to feel good in her body and her life. Alex has been a certified nutritionist since 2013 and has helped others feel great, too!

If you’re wondering what Alex's eating style is - or where she falls on the great nutrition spectrum/divide that exists in our culture today - She is of the Paleo-ish persuasion. She loves meat...and yes, she is one of those people that voluntarily goes without gluten or grains most of the time. She loves meat, veggies, and a whole range of clean, healthy fats.

All that said, though, sometimes she eats and drinks the things that don’t fuel her - *ahem* pizza *ahem* cider - and she makes no apologies for it (but she does use digestive supports!).

Alex is committed to supporting families in having a positive postpartum experience. She offers meal prep services, nutrition counselling and is also one of Mums & Tums Canada's postpartum doulas and placenta arts specialists as well. Alex's whole goal is to discover what an amazing postpartum experience would look like for YOU...and create a plan to make it happen! To book your consultation with her, please press the button below.